lost and found.


Once i was lost.

I followed my heart and

i become

nothing more

then a dream.

I looked at the skye

and a sea-gull talked to me.

From the highest

he came to me.

He whispered through the air,

words unspoken.

I said to him:

“I have become a dream.”

“Where are you going?” he asked me.

“To a place where i belong.


The sea gull laught in a gentle manner.

“Little human, live your dream.

Maybe it will become reality.

Once in a time or in another life.

Because the end will be a new beginning.

What other humans say to you,

you will have to choose yourself.

There is no one who can save you from your burden.

Go on little human.

Live yourself.

Live your dream.

Maybe once in a time someone will share it.

Untill then,

watch at me.

Come with me for a while.

Learn tot fly.

Seek a higher place to be.

Go with me, little man”.



my arms changed to beautifull soft and strong wings

and i got up high.

I shared the open air with

the sea-gull.

We went a very long time together.

We shared the wind and the rain and the snow.

Being a flying bird i forgot my human dream.

I became a real bird.

Only knowing freedom.

Then once again i came down on the earth.

I felt my wings become human arms again.

The sea-gull has left me then.

He gave me his blessings and he whispers a goodbye.

Then i walked on the earth

and i followed my heart again.

The gift off the sea-gull i will never forget.

Untill now,

i cherish my thoughts and my feelings.

I cherish myself.

I feel human love again and

i feel humanly friendship.

Always knowing i am chasing my own dreams and hopes.




Over JH

Being a mystery to me and to others. It is nice.. to be me.. to know you. x
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  1. Dopje zegt:

    Mooi plaatje…mooi verhaal..

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