And more about birds and about humans..


I will be honest.

This evening i was angry.

About the appearance of people.

How they are.

I was tired maybe.

I walked to the city

and i was feeling a bit a shamed when i looked at people

i bowed my head

and i felted like a child again,

walking around the school again,

my head bowed.

Facing the ground,

the tiles and


I felt very small.

I felt a shamed.


i felt like this child again.

I felt i was something or someone to be a shamed of.

I was not a normal person

in the eyes of others.

I didn’t like to be a shamed,

so i thought by myself:

“Keep your head up and be proud.”

But i was angry,

so i kept my head up and i felt strongness inside of me,

that was flowing out of me.

I felt i want to destroy,

through ignoring people.

They think i am strange, so i will destroy them

through ignoring them.

They don’t exist.

I was living in this state of mind.

I will be honest

 to tell this.

So i walked through the city,

being angry,

being ignoring people,


i saw the street before me.

There was a black bird

who was walking towards me

from a distance.

I was facing him

and i couldn’t ignore him

like i did with those people.

I didn’t know why..

This bird was connecting with me.

I felt it.

It had dark eyes.

I could see myself in his eyes.

I felt dark.

Dark thoughts.

Dark state of mind.

This bird released me from my thoughts.

I respected this creature.

It was pure and innocent.

It touches my heart.

In the darkness

who i am

( i am honest)

there is a pounding heart.

A source of life

and of love.

I felt it

when i looked the bird in the eyes.

I felt a warm blanket of darkness

and within i felt life.

Am i a wierdo?

Am i strange?

I think

and i feel

i have experienced things

in my life

that are talking

about a bigger world then we know.

A bigger existence.

Why can’t birds talk to humans?

I think birds can talk to us.

I think this bird showed me

a pathway within  me.

No human can give me

what this black bird can give me.

It warmts my heart

to really see the beauty of this bird.

It’s importantie.

It was like a mirror.

A black mirror

which absorps my whole body en being


my red heart.

It was an very special encounter for me.

I respect black birds in any kind.

I know they talk to me again.

I live like an urban indian.

This is what life can be.

This is life.

To experience things like this.

It is life speaking through a black bird

to life out of a human being.

I believe in reality.

Reality is a much greater concept then we know.

I know,

may be you know.

May be you don’t want to know.

It is all right.

I live my own life.

and experience things that are 

meaningfull for me.

I tell you this,

because this is part of my life.

I know i am living my way

and i am willing to share.

For those who want.



Over JH

Being a mystery to me and to others. It is nice.. to be me.. to know you. x
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