Here and now.


It is – 24 april 2011- now.

I am living

and breathing.

Untill this point in time and space.

So far i have gone.

So far i have come.

And i go on

and on and on..

Nobody can’t stop me.

Nobody want’s to.

I am on a one way trip

through reality.

And i am going to

experience many things.

Much wonders

in this life

And in the next.

Some call

life a miracle.

Some say

life is full of


I say

life has a deeper meaning then we all know.

Life is not



We are wandering

in the darkness

 and we don’t know much.

We know a little.

And that’s enough

for today.

Maybe we shall know more



let us enjoy this moment.

– 24 april 20011-

Let us be aware

who we are.

Where we are.

Be aware

of the miracle

you are.

Let us live.

Let us hope

and dream.

Let us cry.

Let us laugh.

I want to share


precious moment

with you.

I want to touch

your heart

with mine.

Tot share this

what we are.

Let us

feel our inner strength.

Our heart.

Our flames

will burn high

 and our longings

will lead the way.

Let’s follow

our wishes.


some are coming



Let’s share our feelings.

Share things

life has given to us.

I want to

be aware

of this point.

It is always changing.

We are


where no one  goes.

We are living

our lifes

that no one lives.

This is it.

– 24 april 2011-

A time to be.

A long time i am on earth.

A very long time.


i will grow

very old.

Maybe you grow

very old.

So we can


share experiences.

I am thankfull to my parents.

They created me.

Through them

life has given me (human) faces.

I only want

to live.

Only this.

Only experience it.






Over JH

Being a mystery to me and to others. It is nice.. to be me.. to know you. x
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